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Cruise Packages | Charlotte

Tired of spending the holidays in the same places? Book a cruise for your family with Viaje Pronto!

We offer a wide range of travel packages at competitive prices.

Discover the World aboard a Cruise

Cruise packages continue to gain in popularity! They offer travelers the chance to visit a wide range of locations, all the while enjoying the beauty of the vast ocean and the islands along the way.

Travel in class to Cuba by booking a cruise with Viaje Pronto! We offer different holiday packages to meet your various needs. Our team will take care of everything, from the moment you board until the end of your journey. Leave all the planning to us and concentrate on having fun! Book your trip today.

Travel in class on a cruise


Cruise Packages Charlotte

Let our experts plan the most memorable escape!

We Help Plan your Perfect Trip

For more than 8 years, Viaje Pronto has been organizing trips to Cuba. We offer advice and services to help plan your dream vacation.

Our services include:

  • Hotel Arrangements
  • Cruise Packages
  • Vacation Packages
  • Tours
  • Travel Tips

Wanna head to the beach? Get in touch with us today!​​​​​

Enjoy the most mesmerizing Cuban experience


Cruise Packages Charlotte

Our team offers:

Knowledge and Experience
Efficient and friendly service
Flexible & trouble free